Contents insurance for your home

What's covered

tickNew for old replacement.
tick£3,500 for your contents away from the home.
tick£5,000 student contents while they are at university.
tickCover for bicycles below £750 – read more about bike cover.
tick20% for any family celebration such as wedding to cover gifts and additional items.
tick£5,000 for contents in your garage or outbuildings.
tickFreezer contents.

Optional extras

What’s not covered

crossLinen and clothing is not covered on a new for old basis.
crossWear and tear or mechanical breakdown.
crossBicycles if you are racing.

You can find more detail about the features, limits and exclusions in our home insurance product information document.

What are valuables and jewellery

Our contents insurance policy includes cover for valuables such as jewellery and precious metals, clocks and watches, pictures and works of art, stamps, coins or medal collections whilst in your home.

Although jewellery insurance is included in your policy as standard, you still need to think about what it might be worth. Unique or very valuable items may need extra cover or special terms.

Our standard level of contents cover includes the following limits for valuables:

  • Up to £10,000 for 1 or 2 bedroom properties
  • Up to £15,000 for 3 bedroom properties
  • Up to £20,000 for 4 or 5 bedroom properties.

If you have chosen your own contents sum insured, your valuables limit will be around 35% of this amount.

You must tell us if any one item or collection is worth £3,500 or more.

It’s always best to keep proof of purchase, photographs and any legal documents which help to prove ownership of these items in case of a claim.

Ecclesiastical customers may receive a discount on valuations through our preferred supplier network which includes professional valuation services.

Get the right cover

Home insurance

Home insurance covers you if you need to repair your home or replace your possessions if they’ve been damaged, destroyed or stolen. 

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Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing the structure of your home, including permanent fixtures, fittings and outbuildings.

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Clergy home insurance

Home insurance just for members of the clergy, with enhanced contents cover to take account of the extra duties done for the church.

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Contents insurance - frequently asked questions

This is optional cover and is provided under the Portable items section of our policy. This covers any items that you take away from your home (including holidays) such as mobile phones (handset only), laptops, camera equipment or jewellery.

Any items that you take away from your home that are valued over £3,500 will need to be specified on the policy individually.

Cover is provided for your portable items anywhere in the world up to 90 days in total during the period of insurance.

Valuables include jewellery and precious metals, clocks and watches, furs, pictures and works of art, stamp, coin and medal collections.

Yes, up to £1,000 personal money cover is included.

Personal money means bank notes and coins that are not part of a collection, cheques, postal orders, bank drafts, travel tickets, traveller’s cheques, postage stamps, savings stamps and certificates and premium bonds.

The cover also applies for up to 90 days in any one period of insurance, elsewhere in the world.

Yes, all apart from household linen and clothing.

We will pay 50% of the cost of replacing undamaged items which form part of:

  • a pair;
  • a set, collection or suite; or
  • a matching or uniform design, nature or colour,

with an item that has suffered from damage that is covered under the buildings or contents section of the policy.

The contents in your freezer will be covered up to your contents sum insured.

We can provide cover, if you request it, under your contents policy for small boats (measuring less than 5 metres and not having a top speed over 15 knots), craft, surfboard or a sailboard.

If you need cover contact us on 0345 777 3322.