Student contents insurance

24 February 2023

Our home insurance policy includes cover for student contents while they are away at university.

A photograph of Oxford University including lawns and fountain on a sunny day with blue skies.

Going to university is an emotional time for children and parents. There is so much to organise, and one of the biggest tasks is accepting they will be making their own decisions and no longer need you as much.

As a parent, there will still be things that you can do to help. They will be taking their own possessions with them and knowing how important their mobile phones, laptops and bikes are to them – you can ensure these are protected.

Cover for students on your home insurance

Our home insurance policy covers student contents whilst at university – giving peace of mind that their prized possessions are protected. Cover includes students in halls of residence or shared accommodation. Here are a few key features and limitations to consider;

  • Contents in student accommodation is covered up to £5,000 in total. If you have more than one child at university this will be split between them.
  • Items are replaced on a new for old basis (except for linen and clothing).
  • Bikes are covered up to £750 but if you have one that’s worth more, please let us know.
  • Bikes need to be stored securely for cover to apply - you can read our guide for more information.
  • Accidental damage is available as an optional extra on your policy – learn more about our accidental damage cover.
  • Any items such as laptops left in an unattended vehicle should be locked away and concealed in a glove box or boot.
  • As with most insurance policies, wear and tear and mechanical breakdown are not covered.

You can see our policy wording for full details and limits, or to speak to us about your individual policy, please call the team on 0345 777 3322.