Specialist insurance for organisations

At Ecclesiastical, we provide organisations with specialist insurance that responds to your individual needs. Each policy gives you access to years of expertise, risk management advice and dedicated support.

We’re multi-niche specialists

Organisations are more than just buildings, and that’s why our expertise goes beyond bricks and mortar. From reputational risk and public liability, to contents, equipment, and cyber, we work with you to tailor your protection to best fit your needs.

We understand what matters to you

We’ve been trusted as a specialist insurer for over 135 years. Organisations work with us because they know our team cares about what matters to them, and our in-house risk surveyors are recognised as the best in the business1

We’re as unique as you are

Our charitable ownership means that our profits are given back to the communities we serve, so when you work with us you’re also helping do good and support important causes across society.

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Why choose a specialist?

We’re proud to be a specialist insurance provider that offers depth of cover and expertise across a wide range of specialisms – from charity, education and heritage, to faith, real estate, private clients and schemes.

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*Awards and accreditation

British Insurance Awards logo - Specialist Company of the Year CIR Risk Management Awards 2022 - Risk Management Specialist Company of the Year Chartered Insurance Brokers Gracechurch outstanding claims service quality award 2024 Insurance Times claims excellence awards winner - Claims product solution of the year - insurer
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