Planning for retirement

Retirement is a time to enjoy the money you have saved during your working life. Starting to think about retirement early gives you the opportunity to set yourself saving goals. Achieving these goals will ensure you have enough income to sustain the lifestyle you choose into your retirement years.

Pension saving advice

Pensions can be a very complicated subject with many rules and regulations to navigate. Our Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) offer completely impartial pension planning to help you maximise your pension savings during your working life using products and providers from the whole of the market.

Retirement advice

With more flexibility and freedom than ever as to how you manage your retirement income and lump sums, getting the right advice is more important than ever. Our Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) offer impartial retirement planning to help you make the most of the pension savings you have accumulated during your working life, both from employer schemes or in personal and other pension plans. Our advisers can help you make the right choices in terms of guaranteed income and/or drawing flexible income and taking lump sums.

Understanding the pensions you have

It’s important that you regularly review your pension plans and the performance of your retirement funds. You may already have a pension policy – maybe more than one. If you’re not completely sure where your money is being invested and how they’re performing, our retirement planning advice can help you look at the full picture.

Tax-efficient retirement planning

We can advise you on the valuable tax breaks that may be available to you when you put your money into a pension. Even small amounts add up, whether or not you already have a pension.

Taking early retirement

Whether you are choosing to retire early or need to for medical reasons, planning may be even more important as you will have less time to achieve your retirement goals and may need to make provision for your dependents and beneficiaries.

Other ways to save

Pensions are not the only way to save for your retirement. Your IFA can help you to explore other methods of saving to help top up your retirement fund.
Please note that your tax treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and tax legislation and regulation. This could be subject to change in future. 
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