Roof protection systems for churches

10 October 2019

When protecting your church from metal theft, the first consideration is using a forensic marking system, for example SmartWater. It is a condition of your insurance that you use a forensic marking system approved by us, register your kit and display signage.

A photograph of a church from above nestled in trees in the countryside

For many churches we are now able to offer unlimited cover for theft of metal claims. For some churches that are particularly vulnerable to such losses, we also require an approved roof alarm to benefit from the increased cover. If you install a roof protection system that is approved by us we can provide unlimited cover for theft of metal claims. 

Benefits of a roof protection system

  • An effective deterrent for metal thieves 
  • Able to cover large roof areas cost effectively
  • Suitable for buildings in any location, if the security system is activated, a planned response based on your specific instructions is carried out
  • If you choose a system approved by us we can provide unlimited cover for metal theft.

Roof alarms

Many of our customers choose to use roof alarms as a cost effective way to protect their roofs. To help you identify an effective roof alarm, we have developed a set of minimum performance standards for systems and identified ‘approved’ suppliers that meet those standards. If you choose a supplier approved by us, we will be able provide unlimited cover for metal theft. 


CCTV systems have become more sophisticated in recent years, and now provide an alternative to roof alarms, which we will consider for roof protection on a case-by-case basis. If you do choose a CCTV system, it must:

  • Meet British Standard BS EN 62676, to the appropriate grade determined by a risk assessment
  • Be remotely monitored by a certified remote video response centre  
  • The system must incorporate an audit challenge facility. 
  • Be fitted by a UKAS accredited installer with certification to install CCTV systems. 
  • The battery backup to the Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE) must be a minimum of 12 hours and the system must be capable of raising an alert for both mains and battery backup failure at the remote video response centre. 
If you already have a CCTV system covering your church, it may be possible to extend it to cover your roof. 
If you have any queries about protecting your church from metal theft call our team on 0345 777 3322.

Is my church at risk?

You can work out the risk of metal theft for your church by using our theft of metal checklist.