Specialist cover designed for your art and collectibles

Whether you or your organisation has been custodian for decades, or days, we define fine art as anything that could be bought or sold at a reputable auction house. If items are held privately or by institutions; and if they are on display, on loan, in storage or in transit, your finest treasures deserve the finest cover.

More than insurance

Your item or collection will have a specific set of risks. We work with your broker to provide a policy that is tailored to those risks, using specialist covers that are designed specifically for fine art, and not found in a standard ‘all risks’ policy. Our Fine Art policies also provide access to expert claims handlers and a network of preferred suppliers.

Fine Art insurance highlights

We are independently recognised as one of the UK’s leading insurers for all types of fine art and collections1. Our specialist fine art insurance policy includes:

  • Specific cover for fine art and collections that can be bought and sold at auction
  • Depreciation in value following partial damage, which could be substantial
  • Specialist extensions for:
  • new acquisitions
  • defective title
  • restoration and framing
  • work in progress (due to damage in production or death of the artist)
  • temporary removal
  • emergency evacuation
  • Can operate as standalone cover or be added to an existing policy.

How we support you

We work with you to determine the amount of cover you need which helps to minimise the risk of underinsurance. Our in-house specialists can help you to source an appropriate valuation, and can support you with advice about how to store, transport and display your collection securely. Should you need to make a claim, we work with specialist restorers, conservators and loss adjusters to provide the best outcome for your items.

1Top Three UK insurer for Fine Art and Collections, FWD 2019 annual broker opinion survey

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The summary of cover is an outline of the standard cover provided under the policy and is not personalised to you. The cover you choose will depend on your circumstances and will be shown on your policy schedule. The schedule will also detail some changes we have made relating to infectious and communicable diseases and cyber-related incidents.