Careers at Ecclesiastical

In the world of financial services, Ecclesiastical treads a different path. Many businesses say they are different but Ecclesiastical really is. We believe it is possible to do business differently whilst building a powerful movement for good.

What we do

We insure a variety of well-known heritage buildings, churches, charities and not-for-profit organisations. In addition to specialist insurance, we provide financial products and services for individuals and organisations with offices in Gloucester, London, Birmingham and Manchester. 

How we do it

We are proud to foster an open and responsible culture and have made substantial progress in a number of areas that support our employees such as developing talent at all levels, encouraging diversity and providing a positive and engaging working environment.

Why we are different

Ecclesiastical is owned by the charity AllChurches Trust and our purpose is to contribute to the greater good of society. Since 2016, we have given £64million to good causes, helping charities across the UK continue to change people’s lives for the better. The video below shows some of the good we have achieved through our Movement for Good awards. 

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Benefits and wellbeing

Take a look at some of the benefits of working at Ecclesiastical. 

Benefits and wellbeing infographic

Diversity and inclusion

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group is a community made up of people with different backgrounds, abilities, perspectives, beliefs and interests. We want everyone across our Group to feel a genuine sense of belonging and to know that we are all valued and included.

Inclusion naturally generates diversity. Businesses that create and nurture inclusive cultures and respect for individual differences are more successful and sustainable.

Our inclusive culture is a source of great strength. It enables us to collaborate and innovate, reflect and connect with our customers and the communities we operate within. It helps us to attract and retain the very best and most diverse range of colleagues. We want to celebrate it and will continue to challenge ourselves to help it grow.

Our approach goes way beyond our Diversity and Inclusion Policy. We've coined the phrase ‘we all belong’ because it reinforces our belief that inclusion runs through everything we do, all of the time.

In simple terms, it's about making everyone feel respected for who they are and a valued part of the Group family.

Approach to diversity infographic

Flexible working

We believe creating an environment which enables people to be at their best is a key way to build a successful and sustainable business. That’s why we’re embracing flexibility. We’re a member of the Association of British Insurer’s ‘Making Flexible Work’ campaign and we’ve launched future flexible working principles which have been shared across our Group.

Our future working vision

  • We see flexibility as a broad opportunity to work how, when and where we agree is most effective for getting our jobs done and delivering outstanding customer service.
  • We trust and support each other, taking responsibility for our own work and how we work with others.
  • We have a number of work settings available to us and together we can choose the right mix for us, our roles, our teams and business needs.
  • We value vibrant, social office spaces which provide us with flexible, collaborative and healthy places to work.
  • We embrace technology, enabling us to work more flexibly, always think ‘digital by default’ and find better ways to work.
  • We balance our work and wellbeing, taking responsibility for managing all aspects of our lives and we’re proud to know each other better.
Future Working is for everyone. What it looks like will be different for everyone. And it will continue to evolve in the future.