Buildings insurance for your home

Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing the structure of your home.

What's covered

tickUp to £750,000 standard cover -  we know all homes are different so if you need to insure a different amount, please call us.
tickThe cost of somewhere to stay if your home can’t be lived in while we repair it.
tickFinding and repairing leaks from a fixed water or heating system in your home.
tickNew locks if your keys are lost or stolen (up to £1,000).
tickHome emergency cover (included as standard).
tickLegal expenses (included as standard).

Optional extras

What’s not covered

crossDamage caused by storm or flood to fences, hedges or gates will only be covered if the main building, garage or outbuilding is damaged at the same time.
crossWear and tear – the gradual decline of your home over time.
crossFaulty work by a tradesperson.

You can find more detail about the features, limits and exclusions in our home insurance product information document.

Landlords’ insurance

We can offer a policy to cover your let property but this is not a specific commercial landlord’s policy, so it depends on your individual needs whether this would be suitable.

The cover does not include loss of rent or rehoming the tenants should they no longer be able to live at the property. The Legal expenses section does not cover adverse possession.

Please call us if you need this type of cover.

Get the right cover

Home insurance

Home insurance covers you if you need to repair your home or replace your possessions if they’ve been damaged, destroyed or stolen. 

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Contents insurance

If you don't need buildings cover our contents insurance provides cover for items in your home and your personal possessions.

More about contents insurance

Clergy home insurance

Home insurance just for members of the clergy, with enhanced contents cover to take account of the extra duties done for the church.

More about clergy home insurance

Buildings insurance - frequently asked questions

Visit the Association of British Insurers (ABI) website. This will help you to calculate the rebuild cost of your property.

The permanent structures within the boundaries of your home including any garages or outbuildings used only for domestic purposes and home office use, permanent fixtures and fittings including statues and fountains, hot tubs permanently fixed to the ground, wind turbines and solar panels fixed to the buildings or fixed to the ground, swimming pools, tennis courts, paths, drives, terraces, patios, walls, fences, hedges and gates as long as these are all within the boundaries of the land belonging to your property.

We can still offer a quote if your property is listed. You will need to tell us which Grade the building is.

Over 15 years ago

We would need to see an up-to-date structural engineers report - completed within the last three years. We will review the report before we decide if we can offer a quote.

Less than 15 years ago

We are not able to offer a quote for your property.

If the work taking place is in excess of £25,000, complete our Home building works questionnaire and send it back to us.

If the work taking place will be less than £25,000, please tell us so we can add a note to your policy.

Damage caused by storm or flood to fences, hedges or gates will only be covered if the main building, garage or outbuilding is damaged at the same time.

We will cover the reasonable and necessary costs, as long as we have agreed them with you, to:

  • locate the source of leaking water or oil from any fixed water or heating system in your home
  • repair any damage caused in locating the source of the leak.

If there is a gradual cause such as wear and tear, the cost of replacing the part and any labour is not included. The most we will pay is £5,000 for each leak.

Home Emergency cover is included as standard with your home insurance policy. DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited handle these claims on our behalf and you can use this for roof damage, plumbing and drainage, your main heating system, the domestic power supply, the toilet unit, home security or vermin.

If you need to make a claim under this section of the policy, call DAS on 0345 268 8469

If you lose the keys to your home, they are stolen, or there is accidental damage to the locks of the outside doors or windows, we will pay for reasonable and necessary costs of:

  • gaining access to your home
  • repairing or replacing the locks
The most we will pay for any one claim is £1,000.