Relay UK – support for those with hearing or speech difficulties

Relay UK helps people with hearing and speech difficulties communicate with anyone over the phone, using the national relay service. You can access this service via a textphone or the Relay UK app. 
The app is free to download for use on your smartphone, tablet or computer but the cost of calls may vary so please check with your network provider. When you next call us just follow the steps below, a text relay operator will join the call and either type or speak exactly what is being communicated.

How to use Relay UK to contact us

All you need is either a textphone or the Relay UK app and your call can be relayed through the service.
1. Dial 18001 followed by the phone number you want to call
You’ll see 'Relay UK ring ring' on your textphone screen. If your call is answered, you’ll see:
1. 'Relay UK Answered, please wait for connection'
2. 'Relay UK Waiting for a free relay assistant'
3. 'Connected to Relay, please wait'
The Relay Assistant won’t come on the call if it’s not answered.
2. Start your conversation
Once connected, you can type or speak your conversation. The Relay Assistant will type back anything the hearing person says.
3. Enjoy your chat
The conversation will carry on this way until one of you ends the call.