Work on wet systems

08 November 2021

Work on wet systems provides an additional hazard during building works, construction projects or routine maintenance.

Plumber with wrench working on radiator

Losses during wet works are frequent and can quickly become costly, causing significant delays.

Wet work involves any work where escaped liquid can cause damage. This can include general plumbing works but also the installation or maintenance of wet systems such as sprinklers, sump pumps, wet heating systems or any new installations (this list is not exhaustive).

A Wet Work Permit should be issued (and in some instances may be a policy condition) if your building or works are insured with us and there are wet works involved. This will ensure, as far as possible, that contractors obtain permission from an Authorised person before starting work and precautions are taken before, during and after the works. For further information on when to use and how to complete our Wet Work Permit please read our introductory guidance below.