Preferred supplier network

We have many years of expertise supporting customers in our niche sectors, and we understand the risks you face.

Where you need a helping hand to manage those risks, we've put together a list of market-leading specialists which form our preferred supplier network. They provide a range of products and services that can support your organisation with risk improvement.

Each one has been carefully selected and vetted by our risk team so you can choose from companies that we know and trust. 

And as an Ecclesiastical customer, you may receive a preferential rate. 

Roof alarms

Whilst world demand for metals remains strong their scrap value will remain high, making them an attractive target for thieves. Lead, copper and stainless steel roof coverings, roof flashings, copper lightning conductors and lead rainwater pipes have all been targeted. Roof alarms provide the best deterrent to metal thieves and our own claims experience has now proven this to be the case. Ecclesiastical maintains a list of approved suppliers who meet our stringent security requirements.

Approved suppliers