Managing risk within laundries

28 June 2023

Risks including fire, water damage and other health and safety issues if appropriately identified and managed can be greatly reduced or even avoided.

Row of washing machines

Many establishments operate in-house laundry facilities for the cleaning of clothing, bedding, towels, table cloths, cleaning cloths etc.

Laundry operations can present a number of risks including:

  • Fire – caused by electrical fault, over-heating and even spontaneous combustion
  • Water damage – from accidental discharge, burst pipes, failed joints in pipework
  • Health and safety – slips on wet floors, manual handling, burns and scalds

Whilst these risks are present, if they are appropriately identified and managed they can be greatly reduced or even avoided.

To assist you in managing the risk in your laundry we have have created some risk management guidance. This guidance is aimed at general laundry facilities e.g. those involving washing, drying, pressing and ironing, it does not cover dry cleaning operations.

For guidance on dry cleaning please see: Dry Cleaning – Are you in control?