Westhill Endowment

UK-wide funding

Registered Charity Number: 1104736


Fund name
  • Grants programme
Grant size
  • £500 to £20,000
Funder's interests
  • Educational projects with strong underlying Christian values that change people’s lives, foster empathy between communities and build bridges between people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
Activities supported
  • Projects which have particular interests in activities involving formal and informal religious education.
  • Projects utilising the creative and performing arts
  • Projects facilitating interfaith activity
  • Grants that develop the capacity of organisations to better serve the needs of their beneficiaries, or service users, in the fields of religious education and faith-motivated community transformation.
  • Religious education
  • Faith-motivated community transformation
  • Formal and informal religious education
  • Creative and performing arts
  • Interfaith activity.
  • Capital appeals for building projects, if Westhill has provided a grant to the same applicant within the past 12 months.
How to apply
  • First stage is to email a 100 word summary about your project. Westhill will make an initial assessment as to whether an application might be successful. this avoids you spending a long time completing an application if it’s unlikely.
  • Ongoing, applications are reviewed by trustees on a termly basis.