How can a better understanding of your customers help with the implementation of Consumer Duty? with Leigh Caldwell from the Irrational Agency

Summary: The new FCA Consumer Duty regulations will come into effect on 31 July, affecting all open products and services in the financial services sector. Ecclesiastical has partnered with The Irrational Agency, a market research company specialising in behavioural economics, to help us acquire more in-depth customer insights and therefore assist our further compliance with the new regulations.

In this episode, we discuss how Consumer Duty regulations will reinforce reviewing financial firms’ product offers with the needs of our customers at the heart of it. With a better understanding of customers’ behaviours, firms will be able to improve their products and communications, resulting in providing better services for higher customer satisfaction.

Quote: “For firms that are already doing the right thing like Ecclesiastical, [the impact of Consumer Duty] may not be revolutionary, but it will be a change in understanding even better where consumers might need a bit of extra help… But there are firms in the industry whose business model will be more challenged and who will have to make bigger changes because their customers might not be getting such good outcomes.”

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The Irrational Agency

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Run time: 14.55

About the guest:

Leigh Caldwell, Co-founder and Partner of the Irrational Agency, a market research agency which examines the overlap between psychology and economics, to help businesses better understand customer behaviour.

About the host:

Faith Kitchen, Customer Segment Director at Ecclesiastical, is responsible for developing and maintaining our products and propositions to meet the needs of our specialist target markets. She maintains relationships with a number of key bodies in the heritage, charity and education sector, to ensure we fully understand what is important to customers and can develop useful insight and thought leadership. Faith is a member of the Underwriting Leadership Team.

In her spare time she serves as a Charity Trustee and a School Governor.


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