How does encryption help to manage risks of cyberattacks or human error? with Paul Holland from Beyond Encryption

Summary: Email continues to prevail as the world’s preferred business communication medium. With around 320 billion emails sent and received a day, the risks of using email to send sensitive information are numerous and ever-expanding. Additionally, portals are gaining momentum from a data collection and customer communication point of view.

In this episode, we discuss why in the event of a cyberattack or human error, we are obliged to inform the ICO. It will reflect much better on your business if a line of defence such as the right encryption is in place, and this will significantly reduce repeated incidents or indeed prevent them from happening in the first place.

Quote: “People have become so used to using these mechanisms like email where the truth is, that's an open door. There are industrial-scale businesses across the globe, where their only intention is to look out for those that aren't using a key and peer through the door to look at the information, and somehow misuse it. Now, that's potentially incredibly damaging, financially and reputationally. It can be catastrophic.”

To find out more about how to protect your email communications and better manage data handling, visit Beyond Encryption

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About the guest:

Paul Holland, CEO and Founder of Beyond Encryption, a cybersecurity business specialising in eliminating risk across email communications.

About the host:

Adrian Saunders, Commercial Director at Ecclesiastical is responsible for delivering Ecclesiastical’s UK intermediated business. Before joining Ecclesiastical, Adrian held senior roles at Marsh, Zurich and Hiscox. Away from insurance, Adrian is a self-confessed cycling addict. Combining his passions for charity giving and cycling, he previously raised funds for charity by completing London Ride100 three times and cycling across Vietnam and Cambodia.


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