What is your organisation's risk maturity rating?

The world has become a riskier place. Strategic risks are hitting organisations at a greater pace – they are volatile and can have a significant impact on an organisation's ability to operate. In such a changing risk landscape having effective risk management arrangements can support decision making allowing organisations to respond, adapt and evolve to meet priorities and plans.

Ecclesiastical Risk Maturity Assessment has been developed by strategic risk experts with almost 50 years experience. This free, user-friendly assessment tool has been built to assist organisations in strengthening their risk maturity arrangements – a key part of good governance.

Why is the risk maturity rating important?

By improving the rating, an organisation should be in a better position to fulfil its strategic objectives, effectively manage risks, maximise new opportunities and improve resilience. Ultimately the higher the risk maturity rating – the more prepared an organisation will be.

How does the assessment work?

  • The overall risk maturity rating is formed by assessing against three risk pillars: governance, resources and processes.
  • By completing a series of questions, a report will be generated highlighting the organisation’s risk maturity score ranging from developing, integrating, and embedding to optimising.
  • The report will also provide a bespoke action plan to move the organisation closer to the next level of risk maturity.

Risk Maturity Assessment

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