Risk calendar

06 October 2020

The risk calendar marks key risks throughout the year to help you protect your church and those who use it.

January water pipe

Water pipes and heating

  • Check that your water pipes are lagged, the stopcock is clearly labelled, and your heating system has been serviced by a registered engineer.
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February man in hard hat

Health and safety

  • Review your health & safety arrangements to ensure they remain adequate and are compliant with relevant legal requirements.
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March wire and plug

Electrical wiring

  • Check that electrical systems have been inspected by a qualified electrician within the last five years and all portable appliances have been tested.
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April CCTV camera

Metal theft

  • Check that external metal is marked with an approved forensic solution, warning signs are prominently displayed, and consider a roof alarm.
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May bunting

Fetes and events

  • Review arrangements to ensure everyone has a great time and remains safe.
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June church with padlock icon

Church security

  • Open your church during the day and lock it at night, lock valuables in a secure area and remove anything that could aid an arson attack.
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July thunder cloud

Lightning protection

  • Check your lightning conductor tape annually and repair breakages. Ensure your lightning protection system has been inspected in the last four years.
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August person slipping

Slips and trips

  • Review your arrangements to tackle slip and trip hazards indoors and outside.
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September moon

Darker evenings

  • Review situations where people work alone and ensure adequate precautions are in place to protect them.  
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October snow cloud

Bad weather

  • Check pipes and lag where necessary, clear fallen leaves from pathways, ensure trees are safe, and clear roof valleys and gutters of debris.
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November flame

Fire risk assessments

  • It is a good time to review your fire risk assessment ahead of the festive season. Completing a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for places of worship and these need to be periodically reviewed to ensure they remain valid.
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December Christmas tree

Merry Christmas

  • Review your safety and escape procedures. Check all Christmas lights, power cables, extension leads and precautions for candles and extra equipment.
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