Church Matters – Autumn/Winter 2023

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Featured stories

James Preston, Stonemason creating the new spire

An inspired restoration

In February 2022, Storm Eunice caused widespread disruption and damage as 122mph winds battered the country. St Thomas’ Church in Wells, Somerset, attracted international attention when the spire of the 18th-century church fell.

Dramatic footage of the spire falling was shared by the news.

Restoration of the spire started soon after and the whole project was completed within six months of the spire coming down. The community and visitors to the city can once again appreciate the church’s place in the skyline of Wells.

Watch the video of the spire falling and read the story of the restoration.

Unoccupied church made simple [image]

Unoccupied Churches

We understand that churches and church buildings can become unoccupied at times, for all sorts of reasons.

We have put together a new 'Made Simple' guide, which provides an overview of your ongoing responsibilities as a PCC for the unoccupied building/s, what you can expect in terms of the implications for your insurance, and the steps we might ask you to take.

Read and download the Made Simple guide.

Church roof viewed from above

Prevent metal theft

Metal theft continues to be a challenge for many churches;

this could be the theft of portable valuable items or lead from church roofs.

The rise in the value of silver has increased the range of items stolen from churches, and whilst world demand for metal remains strong, the value of scrap metal will continue to attract thieves to churches.

Read guidance on preventing metal theft at your church.

Monthly risk calendar

October working alone

Working alone

  • Working alone can present a number of hazards, including an increased risk of assault and/or aggression. Review situations where people complete tasks on their own to check the adequacy of precautions in place to protect them.
          More about working alone
November rain clouds

Flood safety

  • Climate change is resulting in more extreme weather events. Though it’s impossible to flood-proof your church properties, there are some simple actions you can take to reduce the damage caused.
           More about flood safety
December Christmas decorations icon

Happy Christmas

  • Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but special events and services, extra visitors and festive decorations in your church can increase the risks of accidents and damage. A little extra planning can help keep everyone safe.

The risk calendar marks key risks throughout the year to help you protect your church and those who use it. You can download a PDF version of the risk calendar to save or put up at your church.

Visit the risk calendar

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