Ecclesiastical Smart Properties - Your questions answered

To help you get started, we've answered some frequently asked questions below.

About the Ecclesiastical Smart Properties system

Ecclesiastical Smart Properties provides additional insight into how a property is operating with the aim of reducing the possibility of a disruptive and time-consuming loss.

Focusing on the key risks of fire and escape of water, Ecclesiastical Smart Properties provides extra peace of mind by giving early warnings to potential losses, such as a fire caused by a thermal surge or a water leak in a specific area.

By reducing the possibility of fire or water damage occurring, business resilience is also improved.

In addition, the system is easily expanded1 to cover a host of other risks providing further peace of mind, helping solve problems and potentially reducing operational and energy costs.

1 At cost. Costs vary depending on the solutions required. Please contact us for more information.

Remote sensors collect data, which is then sent back to the Hub via the Gateway using a wide area low power network. The Hub analyses the data received, learning what 'normal' looks like for the property and triggers alerts (by email, SMS or telephone) to nominated individuals when normal parameters are exceeded, helping to quickly identify issues/potential issues and minimise any loss.

The system is designed to offer additional protection against common risks and reduce claims. If an incident does occur that results in a loss, any claim will continue to be processed and paid, subject to our usual policy terms and conditions.

Invited clients can receive a pack free of charge

The standard Ecclesiastical Smart Properties packs consisting of water leak, thermal surge and grease build up sensors2 are provided at no additional cost to invited clients.

2 Subject to underwriting criteria and size of property

Once installed, there is no maintenance contract or ongoing cost to pay during the life of the contract. The sensors use AA batteries that on occasion may need replacing, however, the system issues an alert when a battery is getting low.

Yes, this solution is exclusive to invited Ecclesiastical Heritage, Independent School and Anglican Faith clients.

Getting started

Ecclesiastical Smart Properties is currently available to invited clients only. To find out more, please speak to your broker or usual Ecclesiastical contact.

Following agreement, you will receive your pack containing the sensors and gateway. Before your pack arrives, we will request the contact details (of up to 7 nominated individuals) for the alerting system so that everything is ready to go once the sensors and gateway are installed.

Invited clients will receive a pack containing either two or four water leak sensors, and a thermal surge sensor3. In addition, eligible clients with a commercial kitchen and extraction system will receive a sensor for monitoring grease build-up.

3 Subject to underwriting criteria and size of property

The sensors are designed to be self-installed using a short, simple, step-by-step installation video. Our in-house risk team are on-hand to provide guidance, should you need it, regarding the best location for installation to achieve maximum protection.

In the rare instance that you require installation support, our technology partner Shepherd offer an installation service at an additional cost. Costs vary on location, property, and the number of sensors.

We recommend allowing 2-3 weeks for the data trends to become visible so the system can understand what 'normal' looks like. The system will then use this as the basis to generate an alert if there is an anomaly indicating a potential issue.

Ongoing system support

For issues relating to the hub itself, please contact the Shepherd helpdesk.

For anything else, please speak to your broker or usual Ecclesiastical contact.

Shepherd are specialists in property performance management. Using data science, they reduce the risk and cost of managing property and assets. Shepherd has developed specialist technology that tracks how a building works, translates that into a model and uses it to predict problems and prevent loss. This means organisations can reduce the risk of loss and disruption, cut running costs, improve energy efficiency, enhance sustainability and proactively maintain properties.

For more information about Shepherd visit their website.

Please contact the Shepherd helpdesk, who will update the system on your behalf.

Expanding your system

Yes. In addition to the standard packs, a wide range of sensors are available to further enhance a property’s protection. Please contact us for more details and costs4.

4 Costs are fixed for the full term of the agreement.

Yes. For an additional charge and subject to compatibility Ecclesiastical Smart Properties can integrate with a variety of Building Management Systems (BMS) and sensor systems. Costs vary and will be on a system-by-system basis.

In addition to the standard package, it may be possible to:

  1. Add further water leak and thermal surge sensors to protect other parts of the property.
  2. Conduct a comprehensive review of a property’s risks to enhance the property’s protection. This could include:
    • Risk – extend coverage to better understand a property’s risk profile and potential hotspots for damage.
    • Energy Insights – easily understand, manage and reduce electricity, gas & water consumption on single and multiple sites helping to lower costs and carbon footprint.
    • Asset Health - improve profitability and reduce downtime on key equipment to save costs through streamlining operations and optimising asset performance.
    • Air Quality – improve environmental conditions by automatically monitoring light, CO2, humidity and dust particulate matter to better protect people, contents and the environment.

Please contact us for further information and costs.

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