The Willow Trust

South West

Registered Charity Number: 328386

About the charity

Established in 1989, The Willow Trust operates both of its fully equipped purpose-built boats from April to October, in pursuit of providing pleasure and happiness in otherwise difficult lives. Each year, it enables up to 7,000 children and adults with disabilities and serious illnesses to enjoy therapeutic days of fun and relaxation on the water. The Willow Trust relies on donations to continue providing wonderful days out, enabling their guests to have an enriching day on the water in a safe, stimulating and rewarding way. 

Willow trust [picture]

Together we're helping

The days on the water are tailored towards the age group on board, building confidence and a sense of well-being for those who have the option to be active participants, with the chance to steer a large boat alongside carers, friends and families - or simply relax and enjoy the rare opportunity of a day in the heart of the countryside. By helping to keep these days free of charge, the £1,000 donation from Ecclesiastical will help The Willow Trust fund days on the water for 60 of their guests with disabilities and serious illnesses.

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