Support 4 Sight

South East (North & Essex)

Registered Charity Number: 1169324

About the charity

Support 4 Sight is a charity which helps those with recently diagnosed vision impairment to regain control of their lives. Expert staff and trained volunteers provide services to assist people coming to terms with losing their sight and to cope with the social, emotional and practical issues that they face living with sight loss.
Based in Saffron Walden and Chelmsford, the charity offers dedicated resource centres fully stocked with specialised equipment, as well as providing home visits to help people to live safely and independently at home. They help people to cope with initial sight loss diagnosis and give information on health issues, Eccentric viewing (use of peripheral sight), training, daily living skills, in-home security, and lighting assessments to reduce the risk of falls.

Together we’re helping

Support 4 Sight’s vital support network offers a full range of social events, including coffee mornings, speaking book clubs and organised outings. They understand that social isolation is a big issue when you have a vision impairment and their coffee mornings give people two hours to chat with others that may have advice or an understanding of living with an eye condition.

Ecclesiastical’s £1,000 donation will specifically go towards funding coffee morning facilities for three months – an essential part of the charity’s aim to break down the walls of social isolation for those who are visually impaired.