St Nicholas Church Arundel

South East

Registered Charity Number: 1134404

About the charity

St. Nicholas Church is the Parish Church of Arundel and through its pastoral work carried out by the clergy and teams of volunteers supports the community of Arundel.

Outside of the church

What our donation will help to fund

The donation will enable the Church to continue supporting the vulnerable in Arundel. The Parish Administrator, working from the Parish Office, will be able to continue as the central point of contact for people seeking support and coordinating volunteers. It will enable clergy and volunteers to continue to maintain telephone contact with isolated folk and others needing support in whatever way is required, such as shopping, delivering prescriptions, collecting medications, visiting Post Offices, providing hot meals, IT help, phone buddy support, dog walking, fixing TV's, tracking down and collecting necessary medical supplies, etc.

All the work undertaken to date has provided security and help with isolation. The feedback so far is that the conversations and contacts have reduced depression, feelings of isolation and actually raised spirits, particularly during times of lockdown.

Together we’re helping

At the last count, there were at least 193 pairs of volunteers & persons requiring support. Since then the numbers have continued to increase.

St. Nicholas Church is deeply grateful to all those who have benefited from its support and have taken the time and trouble to nominate it for this award.
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