Sporting Penistone

North East

Registered Charity Number: 1157786

About the charity

Sporting Penistone provides access to a Leisure Centre and sporting facilities for the community of Penistone and surrounding areas, after council funding was withdrawn. Sporting Penistone took over running Penistone Leisure Centre from Barnsley Council in 2012. The charity has built up usage of the centre and now have a full programme of classes and events, almost entirely staffed by volunteers.

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Togther we're helping

The donation will go towards phase one of a redevelopment plan to reconfigure the internal layout of the leisure centre. This reconfiguration will allow the centre to host more activities for different people throughout our community. 

The plans will create a ‘changing place’ for people with severe disabilities, allowing them to access the centre which they could not have done previously. Plans also include a community café, which the charity hopes to use to reduce social isolation and provide hot meals and after school clubs.
The centre sees around 10,500 users per year and has over 40 volunteers. The renovations to the centre will improve the experience for all of these people, and hopefully more as accessibility to the centre improves. 
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