Secret World Wildlife Rescue

South West

Registered Charity Number: 1097119

About the charity

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is an independent charity, based in Somerset, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. They provide a rescue and rehabilitation service for wildlife 365 days a year.

Supported by a team of over 300 dedicated volunteers, they aim to prevent British wildlife from suffering needlessly and inspire in everyone an understanding and love of wildlife and the countryside. Without their many volunteers, supporting animal care, fund raising, maintenance, learning and administration, the charity simply couldn’t help as many animals as they do.


Together we’re helping

Every year, Secret World Wildlife Rescue helps to prevent suffering for around 5,000 wild animals in distress, across the South West and rescues about 600 hedgehogs, some staying in the charity’s care over winter until the weather allows for their successful release. They also answer thousands of queries from the public nationally and deliver a diverse education programme to over 5,000 children, young people and adults. Ecclesiastical’s donation of £1,000 will enable them to continue their work to care for British wildlife.