Seashell Trust


Registered Charity Number: 1092655

About the charity

Seashell Trust provides high-quality, specialist education and care to children and young people with complex learning and communication difficulties from across the UK. With the expertise of their specialist care staff, onsite therapy team and teachers, Seashell Trust are dedicated to providing a creative, happy and secure environment in which their students can learn how to express themselves, engage with the world around them and become more independent.

Together we’re helping

The £1000 donation from Ecclesiastical will be used to fit out a new sensory room in Seashell Trust’s School Facility. The new room will help ensure that their 50 students lead and enjoy better lives through the development of their impaired senses.

Multi-sensory rooms make a real and tangible difference to the students’ lives, helping them with everything from learning how to complete everyday tasks to enabling them to play computer games.

Whether used as relaxation therapy, for motivation, anger management or simply for recreational pleasure, the environment created in a multi-sensory room effects positive and sometimes lasting change in the students’ mood and behaviour. Giving the students this physical and emotional stability creates an essential platform for further learning and helps them achieve their individual education goals and targets.

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