Peebles CAN


Registered Charity Number: SC049387

Project name

Learn, Connect and Grow Sustainably

About the charity

Peebles CAN runs a productive and socially inclusive community garden, volunteers of all ages and abilities come together to benefit through sharing skills and learning to grow vegetables.
Communal garden space with people working on different plots

How the £10,000 grant will help

Our community garden project will provide educational and inclusive volunteering opportunities for all ages and abilities in our community. Volunteer sessions provide an informal way for people to make social connections, engage in fun and meaningful outdoor activities and come away with free seasonal produce. Our garden raises awareness about climate action through making a shift to low carbon food choices and waste reduction. Our garden teaches valuable practical skills and promotes a healthy lifestyle through outdoor activities and nutritious food. Our volunteer sessions are intergenerational, everyone comes together to help out, make new friendships and strengthen our community spirit.
This grant will fund our three weekly volunteer sessions and monthly skill share session to go ahead, reaching over 150 people annually. We work with families with children, primary and high school pupils, adults with additional needs/health conditions and retired people. The grant will also fund the ongoing costs of materials and equipment, which is essential to the garden running each year. 
Peebles CAN is a small local charity, committed to providing volunteering opportunities and sharing knowledge on how to grow seasonal food. Our charity has a significant impact on improving people’s physical and mental health, and enabling people to shift to low carbon food choices by growing their own produce. Winning this Movement for Good fund will enable us to continue this fantastic work, expand our volunteer base and develop the space in the community garden.

Nichole Dow, Projects Manager, Peebles CAN

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