Oliver's Army


Registered Charity Number: SC048628

About the charity

Oliver's Army supports children and adults living with a range of conditions from autism, ADHD and learning difficulties to disability, visual impairment and PTSD by providing assistance and therapy dogs. Oliver’s Army is all about dog training, they provide families with social activities and a vital support network.

They have dogs in training all over the UK and two bases for assessments, one in Manchester and their own in Cowdenbeath, Fife. They train dogs who can assist people with whatever challenges they face.

Founder Jo Rankin is Mum of six and Gran to 12, the name Oliver’s Army is inspired by her son Ollie who is autistic, and Oliver the Labrador, an assistance-dog-in-training who sadly developed a brain tumour at just 14 months and died.

Together we’re helping

The £1,000 donation from Ecclesiastical will go towards training more assistance, therapy and companion dogs, enabling Oliver’s Army to help more people. From families, very young children and schools, to the elderly and Police Scotland, Oliver’s Army dogs make a huge difference to the lives of the people they help.