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The Kids Are Alright

About the charity

NE Youth supports the development of, and directly delivers, services to children and young people across the North East.
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How the £10,000 grant will help

The Kids Are Alright is a project dedicated to enriching the lives of young people and building bridges between them and the community of Lemington in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We wish to engage the young people via a detached approach, which has served us well previously. This is because youth workers are able to form positive relationships with young people in environments they are comfortable in. This removes barriers that sometimes prevent a young person from attending centred youth provisions.
We will do this by engaging consistently with young people and delivering informal activities, such as outdoor sports and games. Once these relationships are developed, we will work with them and key stakeholders within the community to run a fun community event suitable for all ages. The purpose of this project is to engage disadvantaged young people, particularly within the 13-19 age bracket, in more positive activities all whilst diminishing the discrimination they face as a result of behaviours of a few. We predict this will positively impact the lives of at least 30 young people and the wider community.
We were delighted to receive this incredibly important award which will enable us to continue our valuable work with young people in the Lemington Community. The young people will be thrilled. Thank you so much.

Jon Niblo, Chief Executive, NE Youth

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