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Woodhorn Accessible Play

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Museums Northumberland manages a portfolio of museums and historic sites in Northumberland and delivers cultural programming and educational opportunities to communities from the Tweed to the Tyne.
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How the £10,000 grant will help

The grant will enable us to extend and enhance our existing outdoor play equipment with a new fully inclusive and accessible play facility for children with a broad range of physical and sensory disabilities. The new facility has been designed to meld seamlessly with our existing mining themed Pit Yard Play Area, which connects children to the world of mining in Northumberland in a playful way through a range of cleverly designed equipment and activities. Together, the two play elements will create an exciting outdoor facility which encourages physical and social play between children of differing ages and abilities.
Woodhorn Museum attracted 42,000 visitors in 2019/20, with a predominantly local audience (66% of visitors were from the North East) and almost half visiting with children.  Our existing play area was highlighted in a recent survey as the number one part of the museum that family visitors had spent time enjoying during their visit. This funding will allow us to enhance our existing facility with specialist play equipment to offer full access to thousands of children with physical and/or sensory needs, very young children, and their families.
The generous donation from the Ecclesiastical Movement for Good Awards has helped us to raise the funding needed to expand the existing play area at Woodhorn Museum to include more accessible and inclusive play equipment. It will mean children of all ages and abilities can enjoy visiting our museum and learning about Northumberland's mining heritage.

Rowan Brown, Chief Executive, Museums Northumberland

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