Millie's Trust

North West

Registered Charity Number: 1151410

About the charity

Millie’s Trust was established by the parents of Millie Thompson who tragically died in a choking accident at nursery in 2012. Millie’s parents Joanne and Dan established the charity to make first aid training available for minimal costs in as many places as possible. 

Millies trust [picture]

Together we're helping

The funding will allow Millie’s Trust to continue teaching life-saving skills that they may not otherwise be able to access. The charity is adamant that as many people as possible should know what to do in a first aid emergency situation. This includes adults and children, and they aim to make learning first aid skills a normality and a necessity. 

Millie’s Trust courses teach basic skills such as how to clean wounds properly, how to use slings, right through to the worst-case scenarios of how to save someone’s life if they are choking and how to give CPR if a baby, child or adult has stopped breathing. 
The funding will help Millie’s Trust to continue their work in the memory of Millie and to specifically run courses for up to 200 people.
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