Mayflower Performing Arts Group

South East (North & Essex)

Registered Charity Number: 278645

About the charity

Mayflower Performing Arts is a youth dance and performance charity welcoming young people from the community to participate in a competitive national circuit. Established in 1972, the charity has given over 5,000 children and young adults the opportunity to gain dance, movement and performance education experience within a positive and encouraging environment. 

Mayflower [picture]

Together we're helping

The organisation is led solely by volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to teach, coach and support new and existing young members and help them reach their goals. 

Mayflower Performing Arts currently has a membership of 65, of which 40 are under the age of 16. The charity relies on fundraising, grants and donations to ensure they can continue to provide the opportunity to all children from all backgrounds and financial circumstances. With growing costs of equipment, rehearsal accommodation and transport, they rely on generous grants to maintain and provide the membership with new spinning equipment, props, costumes and rehearsal facilities. 
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