Lyme Disease UK

South West

Registered Charity Number: 1182212

About the charity

Lyme Disease UK is a charity offering support for Lyme disease sufferers and their loved ones. Their team of volunteers work tirelessly to raise awareness of the dangers of tick bites and the devastating effects they can have, as well as to raise awareness and knowledge around recognising the symptoms of Lyme disease, so that people are diagnosed and treated promptly.

Lyme Disease [picture]

Together we're helping

The £1,000 donation from Ecclesiastical will help to further Lyme Disease UK’s work. This includes continuing to provide patient support, hosting and attending events and producing educational materials to ensure the nation is aware of the dangers of tick bites, and how to recognise Lyme disease. The donation will also help the charity with the day-to-day operating costs, which are currently helping over 10,000 people who are suffering from Lyme disease, as well as members of the general public wanting to find out more.

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