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Republic of Ireland

Registered Charity Number: 20082109

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Arts for Everyone

About the charity

Kids' Own is a children's arts organisation and publishing house, and Ireland's only dedicated publisher of books by children for children; we work to give children greater access to cultural expression and to be actively creating, enquiring, communicating, and making meaning through the arts.
Children getting creative with charcoal on a large piece of paper

How the £10,000 grant will help

This grant will enable Kids' Own to work with St Cecilia's school in Sligo on a new book project to ensure that children and young people with learning disabilities have a positive means of creative expression. Young people will have the opportunity to work alongside professional artists and to express themselves through a programme of meaningful, artistic engagement.
Participants' artwork and experiences will be developed into a brand-new book publication by Kids' Own. This book will be an important platform for their creative expression, ensuring that the voices of these young people are heard more widely in our society. This award will help us ensure meaningful creativity is a part of all young people's lives and is a crucial step for better representation for these young people through their own creative expression.
Winning this £10,000 makes a huge difference to our work locally, and will enable us to work with young people attending St Cecilia's school. We want to ensure that all children and young people have the opportunity to represent themselves and their identities in a creative, positive way.

Ciara Gallagher, Project Manager, Kids' Own Publishing

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