Humans MCR

North West

Registered Charity Number: 1189282

Project name

Community Grocers on-wheels

About the charity

Humans MCR analyses and responds to the root causes of generational food poverty, and works to give respect, health, dignity, and hope to those in our communities across Greater Manchester.
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How the £10,000 grant will help

The grant will fund the setting up of our ambitious new service, Humans MCR Community Grocers. The award will help us to market the services in a targeted way and ensure that we are able to remove the risk of driver availability by providing a living wage to a new employee. This will start to make a huge difference for families in Greater Manchester as we migrate clients from the foodbank to the Community Grocers, reducing the reliance on the foodbank estate across Greater Manchester.
Humans MCR has an ambitious agenda to break the cycle of generational food poverty for vulnerable families across Greater Manchester and during the first twelve-months of the pandemic we delivered over 64,000 meals, supporting up to 500 people each week. This award is crucial to our growth and will ensure that we reach and help new clients as well as reducing the reliance on the foodbank estate in the region.

Lewey Hellewell, Head Human for Plate Spinning and Storytelling, Humans MCR

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