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London and Sussex

Registered Charity Number: 801433

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Project Outreach

About the charity

Hillingdon Women’s Centre provides a range of trauma-informed services to vulnerable women within Hillingdon and the surrounding boroughs.
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How the £10,000 grant will help

This grant will enable us to establish an outreach service in the more deprived wards within Hillingdon borough that is complementary to our existing service centre. We will be able to reach more women by making access to our services easier for those who may be unable to, or wary of, travelling to our Centre.
Our focus is to reduce isolation, promote wellbeing and develop the skills to thrive. The outreach service will provide a weekly drop-in session to provide one-to-one support in addition to scheduled group activities. Based on our previous experience from a pilot outreach service, we expect to deliver up to three one-to-one interventions per week with each session lasting between 30 to 90 minutes. This would enable us to support approximately 75 women through the year.  We also plan to deliver a weekly group session (term time only) of the Positive Energy group. This group workshop was trialled during the pandemic with great success. We will introduce other group sessions based on feedback from the community.
The central idea is to foster links between women that prompt them to support each other, learn about their differences and any points in common, and promote sisterhood.
We are really grateful for the grant awarded by Movement for Good awards, it will be of so much help to continue supporting vulnerable women in Hillingdon. It will translate into women achieving their goals and living healthier and safer lives. Massive thanks for supporting women's rights and social justice.

Vicky Lechuga, HWC Centre Manager, Hillingdon Women’s Centre

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