The Friends of The Milestone School

South West

Registered Charity Number: 1173333

About the charity

The Friends of The Milestone School is an association of staff, parents and other supporters that raises money for additional resources for The Milestone School – a school for children with special needs, aged 3-16, based in Gloucester.

Together we’re helping

There are 320 children at the school, all of whom have learning difficulties and many of whom also have profound and multiple physical and medical disabilities. The school is currently working to improve the outdoor play and learning areas to ensure children with physical disabilities can access stimulating and fun activities.

The Head of the school said: "All of us at The Milestone School are excited and very grateful to have been awarded £1,000 by Ecclesiastical. We intend to put this donation towards a wheelchair accessible roundabout for the playground. Many children will benefit from this. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us and Ecclesiastical for their wonderful campaign."

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