Endeavour Project/Paws for Kids

North West

Registered Charity Number: 1084861

About the charity

Endeavour Project/Paws for Kids is a small charity that supports people and their pets in the North West fleeing domestic abuse. They provide a unique pet fostering service and home-based support to help ensure people and animals can have a new start, and live their lives free from abuse and harm.

In 1997 the charity’s founders identified major gaps in provision for those escaping abuse and having to leave their family pets behind. Endeavour Project/Paws for Kids was established to help these women and children access refuges knowing their pets were being fostered, safely away from the hands of their abusers. They now provide four further services, supporting all people escaping domestic abuse – they work with the police for those at risk of homicide; support those in new homes, homeless hostels and B&Bs; provide an inclusive service for BME groups with community language speakers and help people from LGBT communities who can often be excluded.

Cat with bandaged ear

Together we’re helping

Demand for the Endeavour Project/Paws for Kids services has grown and funding has decreased, but the charity continues to accept the increased work load, trying to meet short falls through support and donations. Working as part of a multi-agency team with the police and other agencies, last year Endeavour Project/Paws for Kids had 556 referrals across their programmes and they fostered 47 animals, each placement requiring vet treatment, monitoring, food and care. Their pet service receives no funding at all and relies entirely on donations and volunteers to keep these animals safe until they can return home. Ecclesiastical’s £1,000 donation will help Endeavour Project/Paws for Kids to continue the work they do, free of charge, to support all those who need them