Dovetales International Trust

North West

Registered Charity Number: 1016673

About the charity

Our Charity runs several mid week activities mainly for the Elderly Community it serves and a meal once a month.

Lots of people sat around tables

What our donation will help to fund

We are a small Christian Charity, started in 1992 by Bill and Janet Heap, who continue to run the Charity with the help of two other Trustees and a wonderful team of Volunteers. We have several medical, educational and social projects we have set up in Andhra Pradesh, South East India. In the 1990’s we took Humanitarian Aid to Romania and Moldova in Eastern Europe.

We have a local Church in Shaw, Oldham and run a variety of Community Activities mid week, whose main aim is to reduce Social Isolation and Loneliness, particularly for those in their Golden Years. We have a meal together once a month and arrange Coach trips for days out by the seaside and places of interest. Every penny we raise is used for the benefit of the Community none of our staff or volunteers take a wage, we all work voluntarily.

Together we’re helping

We reach over 100 lives each week, with the funding received, we hope to reach many more, and arrange more days out.

May we express our sincere thanks to everyone who took time to nominate us to receive this amazing Award, which will make a huge difference to the Charity and the people we serve each week.
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