Calder Valley Search And Rescue Team

North East

Registered Charity Number: 1082144

About the charity

Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (CVSRT) is a voluntary organisation, operating within Mountain Rescue (England & Wales) guidelines, providing specialist search and rescue capabilities in support of the statutory emergency services in the northern half of West Yorkshire. 

Calder valley [picture]

Together we’re helping

The £1,000 award from Ecclesiastical will be used towards the replacement cost of two of the team's specialist stretchers.  These stretchers are used by the team to carry casualties long distances across difficult terrain to ambulances, and to winch injured people into rescue helicopters. They have to be lightweight but extremely strong to cope with the difficult working environment they are used in and the severe stresses they are placed under.  The existing stretchers have been used for many years but are now reaching the end of their working lives. 

The team is called out over 70 times a year and its stretchers are used in more than half of these incidents.  Around 100 people per year will be helped by the Movement for Good award, and potentially several lives per year will be saved by their use.
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