Bath Cancer Unit Support Group (BCUSG)

South West

Registered Charity Number: 292643

About the charity

Bath Cancer Unit Support Group (BCUSG) is a small local charity, run entirely by volunteers, who raise money to purchase and provide facilities and services, unable to be funded by the NHS, that benefit cancer patients at the Royal United Hospital, Bath. Over the last thirty years, BCUSG has successfully funded a day-treatment ward and a new treatment for prostate cancer, which at the time was not universally available. They also serve tea, coffee and biscuits during the morning clinics for patients and their families.

Bath Cancer Unit people

Together we’re helping

Ecclesiastical’s donation will contribute towards their current campaign to raise £369,822 for three projects that will improve outcomes for local cancer patients. These include:

  • £67,822 project to provide a new Out of Hours Helpline for outpatients receiving chemotherapy treatment at the Royal United Hospital, Bath
  • £62,000 project to purchase two Real-Time Position Management Respiratory Gating Systems to more effectively target radiotherapy treatment
  • £240,000 project to purchase an upgraded Solid State Gamma Camera to produce better images for diagnosis along with more timely scans and reduced patient delays.

Alan Webb, from the fundraising team at BCUSG, said: ‘This donation will make a real difference in improving outcomes for cancer patients in Bath and North East Somerset, West Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire.’

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