Disability Sports Coach

London and Sussex

Registered Charity Number: 1150294

Project name: Sports clubs for disabled people

Project overview

In the run-up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, we want to run a series of five inspirational sports events for disabled people. 

We will also grow our weekly sports clubs by funding an additional coach for our 13 multi-sport clubs across London, so more disabled people can enjoy sport in a safe, inclusive space within their community.  Using the upcoming 2020 Games as inspiration, our five events will take place across London. Our project will have three outcomes: to improve physical health of disabled people in and around London, bring people together to share experiences and improve mental wellbeing, and ensure disabled people feel part of their local community and have the confidence to enjoy more activities.  

DSC [pic]

Giving programmes are vitally important. You can’t overstate that.

It’s absolutely amazing news, we couldn’t quite believe it. This award from Ecclesiastical is going to help us ensure we have additional coach capacity and for our clubs to meet this demand and help us ensure even more disabled people can benefit from their weekly sports sessions and get more personalised support.

Armadeep Gill, Disability Sports Coach

How the £50,000 grant will help

This support will be transformational. 

Your help will deliver a full calendar of Paralympic-themed activities ahead of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, inspiring a new generation of disabled people to enjoy regular physical activity to improve their wellbeing. Alongside this, the funding will upscale our network of 13 community clubs across London so we can provide more specialist support to more disabled people. Currently, each club relies on a coach and volunteers to run the two-hour sessions. This works well for clubs with eight people or less. However, our clubs are growing - our club in Southwark regularly has over 15 attendees. 

With the spotlight on disability sport ahead of the 2020 Games, we will aim to reach even more, and require a second coach so everyone can enjoy the maximum benefits. Coaches measure physical improvement such as balance and coordination, as well as social skills such as communication, providing long-term benefits to more disabled people than ever.