Trust 130 grant to help raise even more funds for charity

27 January 2022

St Mary and Bartholomew, Solihull use their grant to introduce contactless donations to support the church and raise valuable funds for charitable causes.

“If we were to gratefully receive a £130 donation as part of your program we would put it towards the cost of our drive to introduce in-Church contactless donations.” states Duncan Watson, Treasurer.

“This is important for both the Church to enable us to continue to raise funds, for the parishioners to enable them to continue to donate in Church without having to touch cash/the collection plate and finally to the local (and national) charities we support each year through our charitable giving which is only possible from the kind donations our parishioners make”.

Under the scheme, in line with Ecclesiastical’ s charitable ownership and Christian values, every time a new customer takes out a new home insurance policy we offer to donate £130 to the church or cathedral of that customer’s choice.

Since 2017, when we celebrated our 130th year, we have donated over £500,000 to more than 2500 churches and cathedrals chosen by our customers. There is no limit on the number of donations that can be made.

If your home insurance is due for renewal and you are interested in how Trust130 can benefit your church, please contact Ecclesiastical Insurance on 0800 7830 130.

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