Cultural resurrection

04 November 2019

Read the remarkable story of how a disused church is being transformed into a thriving community hub.

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The Holy Trinity Church in Sunderland, fell out of use and into disrepair - its roof letting in rain, its timbers rotting, its plasterwork crumbling. Now, thanks to a £4.3 million restoration project, the church has an exciting future, one that will see it once again become a thriving hub of the community for people of all ages.

The project will also be providing valuable employment opportunities for the area. Assisted by a £129,000 grant from Benefact Trust, two local people will be funded to work for 12 months as apprentices on the restoration project.

Learn how it’s going to make a real difference to people’s lives in the East End of Sunderland, one of Britain’s most economically deprived areas. From Amanda Gerry, Regeneration Officer at The Churches Conservation Trust.

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