Cover Enhancement (May 2021) – Employees working from home

28 May 2021

In recognition of the long-term change in working patterns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have retained the ‘Employees working from home’ cover enhancement indefinitely at no additional charge and, where not already included, will permanently embed this cover into our customers’ policies in due course.

The following cover enhancement will be applied via this Letter of Intent and will apply as if endorsed onto each policy.

Employees working from home

As standard most of our policies extend contents cover to include cover whilst away from the premises and/or specifically at the homes of employees.
Where your policy does not already include this cover, the following cover is added:
Contents at employees’ homes
Your policy is extended to provide cover for contents temporarily removed to the homes of employees up to a limit of:
  • £2,500 any one item;
  • A maximum of £5,000 any one employee’s home. 
For Education insurance policies this extension will additionally extend cover to pupils’ and students’ homes.

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