Strong hands, big heart

All Saints Church, Kettlestone, Norfolk, and their volunteer Roger Townsin

Roger Townsin is a man who “Likes all the ologies,” as his nominator Martyn Proffitt puts it. From ornithology, with his dawn chorus walks, to archaeology, with organised digs in the village, Roger has given decades of work to his community in the village of Kettlestone and, as Martyn says, “He’s been a pillar of the society and a mentor.”

He’s certainly a very handy man to have around. Having been a woodwork teacher, Roger has put his hand to restoring the lychgate and making a new church noticeboard at All Saints. His years as a teacher have paid dividends in other ways too. “He’s brilliant at writing articles and has a natural talent for it,” says Martyn, and Roger has written a number of pieces for the church magazine on the history of the village and the church. 

Involvement and inclusion

Roger has been on the PCC for over 30 years and for a time was the only man on the committee. He took on the physical jobs himself, and whenever there was a bush that needed trimming or a tree felling, he’d be there with the chainsaw. Now, as Roger has reached the age of 78, the committee has finally persuaded him to get some extra support, and Friends of the Church are getting involved to help out. 

From sitting on the Parish Council to organising a history display at All Saints, the guiding light for Roger has always been inclusion. “He involves the whole village,” says Martyn. We wish him many more years of activity to come, although it may be time to hang up the chainsaw!

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