Education risk barometer 2020

03 February 2020

An in-depth study exploring the immediate and emerging risks in education today, with expert commentary from leading thinkers in the sector.

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Collaborating with industry experts

The report was developed with an advisory panel made up of leading education experts and identifies both the risks and potential opportunities. The panel included;

  • Independent Association of Prep Schools
  • Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools
  • Girls’ Schools Association
  • Boarding Schools Association.

To support our findings, we also conducted a survey of 348 senior teachers working in UK primary and secondary schools (including 78 from independent/private schools). 

Key themes from the report

Almost two-thirds of teachers (63%) said the volume of risks facing their school had increased in the past five years. While 80% of teachers agree that risk management is key to creating a safe environment at school, almost the same number agree that it adds significantly to their workloads. 
Managing mental health of pupils and staff was among the top three risks in the short, medium- and long-term. This was associated with increasing expectations from the government, parents and even pupils is creating a pressurised environment in schools.
A third (33%) of teachers surveyed cited managing mental health and wellbeing of pupils as the top short-term risk they face, along with cyberbullying (32%) and managing mental health and wellbeing of staff (31%). 
Schools also identified concern with falling behind and technological changes emerged as a longer-term risk as schools struggle to keep pace with the digital needs of younger generations. 
The report is aimed at supporting schools and providing some potential solutions to the common themes, and it is an invaluable resource for brokers working with clients in this sector.

Education Risk Barometer 2020

Weathering the perfect storm

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