Fine art risk: the perils that face your clients’ treasures

21 February 2022

Unexpected events pose a perpetual threat to your clients’ fine art items or collections - from theft, fire and water damage to accidental mishap and damage in storage, transit or display. That’s why ensuring that your clients have all risks worldwide cover which can be tailored to their individual circumstances is central to providing protection and peace of mind.

Explore the topography of today’s fine art perils in our short video with Dr. James Lindow, PhD. Using fascinating examples, James outlines the breadth of fine art risk and a critical checklist that will assist you when discussing art with your private clients.
In this information-packed 12 minute video, explore: 
  • Theft - the FBI estimates global fine art theft to be worth $4-6 billion annually. But it’s not just about the high profile museum heists that make international headlines.
  • Provenance protection - why the Art Loss Register is vital for the security of the fine art market.
  • Lost and found - would da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ have become the most famous - and valuable - work of art in the world if it hadn’t been sensationally stolen, then recovered?
  • Prevention - the preventative steps you can explore with clients to safeguard their art against everyday risks like fire, water damage and other unexpected accidents.
  • Vulnerability - storage, display, packing and transit are the riskiest stages for damage to fine art.

Dr James Lindow

Dr James Lindow 

James brings over 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry and a highly respected variety of arts knowledge. 

He is an author, research consultant and presenter in art history, as well as being the Underwriting Director for Art & Private Clients here at Ecclesiastical. Read more about James

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