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What is legal expenses cover?

Legal Expenses Insurance is designed to help protect you and your family when faced with a legal issue. From employment problems to nuisance neighbours, Legal Expenses Insurance will give you the support and advice you need to resolve matters in the best way possible.

We are able to provide you this cover as part of your Home insurance by partnering with DAS, the largest Legal Expenses insurer in the UK that has been protecting families against legal issues for over 40 years.

Claim examples

Here are some examples of how Legal Expenses Insurance has helped our policyholders.

Contract dispute

A customer was in the process of buying a new property and so obtained a building survey report. Based on the report, she bought the property and began to undertake work on it. However, as soon as the work began, it became clear that there were major structural issues.

The customer obtained a third party report confirming that the initial report she commissioned was too generic and that the surveyor should have identified more areas for further investigation. She then sought legal advice from the DAS helpline and subsequently submitted a claim.

The customer’s solicitor advised that a professional negligence claim could be brought against the surveyor for not sufficiently carrying out the works agreed in the contract. This was covered by her Legal Expenses policy under the contract disputes section. A report was then commissioned to obtain expert structural engineering and valuation evidence.

The defendant’s insurer made an initial offer of £65,000 to settle the case. However the customer’s solicitor rejected this offer as it didn’t cover the costs to correct the damage and acquire expert reports and surveys. A new offer of £115,000 from the defendant’s insurer was received and accepted by the customer.

Personal injury

A customer was working on a tower at his place of work, and this required him to be attached to a safety cable. However the equipment failed and he fell 35ft to the floor, causing life-changing injuries, including spinal damage. He needed extensive surgery, further ongoing care, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

The customer used his Legal Expenses Insurance to make a claim against his employer which was covered under the personal injury section.  A solicitor was then appointed who commissioned numerous medical and rehabilitation reports, as well as a 100 page forensic accountants report to assess how the damages should be awarded to the customer.

The employer made an initial settlement offer of £3,800,000 but this was rejected by the customer’s solicitor. The reports were sent to the employer who subsequently made a new offer of £4,500,000 which was accepted by the customer.

Property damage

A customer noticed that soot and water marks had appeared on the walls of her property following works which were undertaken to the property next door. She informed the owners of the property next door, but they were unwilling to carry out repair works and suggested that she considered claiming on her own insurance.

The customer called DAS for legal advice and then submitted a claim against her neighbour which was covered by her Legal Expenses Insurance under the property protection section. A solicitor was then appointed who obtained evidence of the damage and official plans from the Land Registry. They sent a ‘letter before claim’ to the defendant, offering them the opportunity to return to the property to undertake the remedial works or otherwise legal proceedings would be issued.

No response was received from the defendant, so with the agreement of DAS, an independent building surveyor report was commissioned in preparation of issuing legal proceedings. The report was sent to the defendant and the customer was subsequently notified that works would be undertaken to the defendant’s chimney which would stop further damage to her property.

To the customer’s satisfaction she was also given £15,000 to compensate for the damage already caused.

Conditions of cover

When you make a claim, it is important to be aware that the following conditions apply:

  • Prospects of success
    Your solicitor must assess your case as being more likely than not to win (51% or higher) for your claim to progress. Prospects of success can change throughout a case which can cause a claim to cease. If this happens, DAS will pay for all agreed costs up until this point.
  • Costs that DAS have not agreed to
    Costs that have not been agreed will not be covered under your policy; for example, costs that you incur before your claim is accepted. We strongly recommend contacting DAS before speaking to a solicitor yourself.
  • Incidents before policy inception
    Claims where the event happened before your Legal Expenses Insurance commenced will NOT be covered.

Who are DAS?

DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited has been providing protection for over 40 years. They are the largest provider of Legal Expenses Insurance and are part of a global group which gives them the size and strength to offer in-depth support, specialist terms and an impressive portfolio of products and services.

If you have a legal issue, before appointing a solicitor, or doing anything else, please make sure you speak to DAS.

We are responsible for paying your claims, which DAS manage on our behalf.

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