Partnering with The Nelson Trust

26 June 2018

In 2015 we established a partnership between The Nelson Trust and our Gloucester office.

The Trust are a nationwide charity based in Gloucestershire providing drugs and alcohol rehabilitation and a range of women’s and family services. The partnership has involved a range of support including:
  • Donating in-kind gifts of clothing and toiletries for example to support The Trust’s women’s service – we gathered over 3,000 donations through a big appeal
  • Raising money through fundraising – we’ve held a ‘big draw’ to raise over £3,000 and our people have taken on triathlons and mud runs to raise funds
  • Lending a hand – we’ve taken on the challenge of completely refreshing The Trust’s counselling centre, The Old School. Teams from around the business have visited to redecorate, clear out and clear up to make it a much more inviting space.
  • Sharing our skills – we’ve recognised that we have a great deal of skills and experience The Trust can benefit from so have offered HR, Legal, Health & Safety and Risk Management advice; as well as linking up our leadership teams for mentoring.

Following a volunteering day

Overall, it was a very useful day; I did feel that we achieved a lot for a very worthy cause and I also personally learned a lot about the risks associated with some of the activities that charities undertake.

Member of the Ecclesiastical team