Nature Vibezzz

15 October 2021


Group of children with youth leader - connecting for confidence

Connecting for confidence

“Forest School sets learning in a different context, encouraging team-working, developing independence and building self-esteem.”

Regularly connecting with nature through Forest School is proven to help people to increase their self-belief, grow their communication and problem-solving skills and boost their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Through Nature Vibezzz, many people of all ages have found a new self-confidence and the skills to successfully deal with life’s challenges. And the charity has received a £10,000 grant from the EdenTree Community Investment Fund, intended to go towards their Forest School programme, running 30 Forest School and Nature Conservation activities at various sites in South London.

Nature Vibezzz provides outdoor educational services, environmental education and practical nature conservation sessions, programmes, events and community projects. Their aim is to run services that get the community outdoors – especially young people who are not so confident about themselves or around nature. They promote nature activities, support volunteering, help other organisations and provide opportunities for the disadvantaged, elderly and schoolchildren. The 30 Forest School and Nature Conservation activities, funded by the EdenTree grant, will be designed to encourage and inspire individuals through positive outdoor experiences. Many will be child-led, helping children to develop initiative, self-confidence and social skills, and will be aimed at families and specific groups from schools, community groups and other charities. The activities, all free, will include: den building, woodcraft, organic gardening, nature walks, nature photography and ways to recycle and reduce waste.

The COVID-19 pandemic has, understandably, seriously affected the charity’s work. And they are currently working hard to find the best, most inclusive ways to deliver their sessions, workshops and other activities to reach as many people as possible in the safest and most beneficial way. One thing’s for sure. Through their innovative, exploratory approach to learning, Nature Vibezzz provides a unique opportunity for people – often facing considerable challenges – to discover practical things about the natural world around them, as well as to discover valuable things about themselves.

Grandmother and grandson - connecting for generations